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Lame, weak, unfun. Prudish, straitlaced. No fun allowed in the name of the Mormon Lord. A person (especially a hot girl) who refuses to show any skin. A roommate who gripes if you play an r-rated movie. A grandmother who gripes about your bride's spaghetti-strapped wedding dress. The list goes on...

See christiany
She was being mormony wouldn't come because she got off work at 11 on Saturday and didn't want to make Jesus mad by partying on his day.
by Freakin' a July 31, 2010
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Always happy, peppy, MORMON, and being the best u can be! Also, smart, well-liked, the leader in the pack, and ALWAYS STAND UP FOR THEIR RELIGION NO MATTER WHAT!!! Also, is known around their campus as religious
Man, Karen asks so mormony sometimes, with the whole jello, and
young women stuff
by Karen Macias March 28, 2008
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