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When a women is bouncing up and down on a man and the man is about nut, the women realizes this and draws back and punches him in the face, hard. The man is so surprised from this action that he loses the momentum of his orgasm and the women, just having bought some additional time, is now able to achieve a magnificent orgasm that she otherwise would have missed out on.
Wife - So I was riding my husband froggy style last night and noticed he was about nut and I wasn't even close yet.

Friend of wife - What did you do?

Wife - I froggy punched that 2 minute bastard.

Friend of wife - I bet that stopped him from getting off.

Wife - You're damn right it did. He says its works better at stopping him from nutting than thinking about his 2 old and overweight grandmothers scissoring together.

Friend of wife - Wow! I'm going to have to start froggy punching my husband too!

Wife - You totally should.
by rshane01 January 12, 2013

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