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1. A dominican immigrant living and working in New York City. 2. An American-born person of Dominican descent who was raised in NYC.
There are many examples of people who are Domincan Yorks, but since we can't give proper names, the clues below will serve as examples:

1. The hugely popular female Dominican model with a very androgynous look, who has been a feature model for Jean Paul Gaultier and Rocawear ad campaigns.

2. The handsome and talented actor who appeared on the Steve Harvey show, and was on the Cosby Show when he was young (que en paz descanse).

3. The current president of the Dominican Republic.

4. Outfielder for the Red Sox (#24) who loves to experiment with different hairstyles.

5. Twenty-something boy band from the Bronx that helped make bachata very popular with the current generation.
by rosmayya March 8, 2005
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