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Literally: a person from the french speaking African country Mauritania.

Figuratively: A skinny man who prefers fat women.

In the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, fat and Rubenesque women are sexy and desirable. So much so, that instead of the crash diet of the West, they have a similar but opposite program: crash feeding or "gavage," where girls as young as 5 years old are force-fed milk, cream, butter, couscous and other calorie-rich food:

Girls as young as 5 and as old as 19 had to drink up to five gallons of fat-rich camel’s or cow’s milk daily, aiming for silvery stretch marks on their upper arms. If a girl refused or vomited, the village weight-gain specialist might squeeze her foot between sticks, pull her ear, pinch her inner thigh, bend her finger backward or force her to drink her own vomit. In extreme cases, girls died.

Interestingly, the ideal man is skinny (Mauritanians view portly men as womanish and lazy).
Guy 1: Yea Darells got him self a new house.

Guy 2: Really a new house?!

Guy 1: No man, the house is his new bitch!

Guy 2: Aww man! That nigga must be Mauritanian!
by romanwinchester August 1, 2009
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