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What you call a lot of comments on a post, such as Facebook, between 2-3 people that reads more like a IM conversation; Can slowly change into a topic not related to the post.
Bob Posted: Going to the mall later to buy Kill Zone 3 from GameStop.

Tom: Nice!
Jim: The 3rd one i heard is way better then the 2nd one.

Tom: Really, what's the difference?
Bob: The 2nd ones controls are really heavy and they over did the motion blur.

Jim: Yeah, they really fixed it up. Hey Tom did you barrow Dead Space from me?
Tom: Yeah why?
Jim: I need it back, i am going to trade it in for D.S. 2.
Tom: ok, when can i give it back to you?
Jim: I am in Bld. 10 tomorrow at BCC.
Tom: Can't, i don't have class tomorrow.
Jim: Alright, how about the next day?
Tom: Yeah i can do that. Bld. 10?
Jim: Yes Bld. 10

or: Hey did you see Janes "commentsation" with Brooke.
Yeah, they over took the whole post i put up.
by rocker409 February 15, 2011

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