1 definition by robofish3000

FREE THE NIPPLE!!! basically it should be acceptable for women not to have to wear shirts. women breasts aren't sexual organs, they are the same as men's just with more tissue. it's quite simple, if men get to take off their shirts in public, women should also have that right. it's society's fault that greedy heterosexual boys get all hot n sweaty when a nipple appears. women still get criticized for feeding their own children on children in public, and men don't have any better reason to expose their torso than "it's hot." well it's unfair because believe it or not women are people too and we also get hot. and have you ever felt sweat drip down in between your boobs?? its disturbing.
"lol I can always see jennifer aniston's nipples on friends, it's like, buy a bra, amiright?"
"um no, once you reach the bottom of society's spinning ferris wheel of oppression please get off and join me at the bumper cars of social justice. FTN!!"
by robofish3000 February 28, 2015