Someone who plays the same character in every movie.
Jennifer Aniston always plays the exact same role in every movie and tv show...whats up with that
by best definitions ever July 30, 2006
Over-rated "actress" who gained notoriety playing Rachel on the hugely successful sitcom Friends. She continues her career on the silver screen, playing essentially that same Rachel character in every movie she does. Also known for her permanently erect nipples, and for never wearing a bra.
"hey look it's Friends but on the big, no,'s a jennifer aniston movie"
by Mike curleson June 2, 2006
An actress of only average skill who is highly overrated for her looks and hair. She is indeed nothing spectacular. Her nose is strange, her jaw too jutting, and her eyes a bit beady.
Maxwell: WOW, Jennifer Aniston is hot.
Matt: No. She really isn't.
Maxwell: How can you say that?
Matt: You just like her because you're supposed to. Hollywood tells you to think she's hot and so you do. Why can't you step outside the box, Maxwell? You always like overrated girls.
Maxwell: meh, shhh
by Matthias Mashburn May 11, 2005
Known best for her role in Friends as the person with permanently hard nippples.
guy 1: oh my god jennifer Aniston has an ugly jaw
guy 2: hehe im not looking at her jaw
by Mrs X September 6, 2005
An American "actress" who plays stock characters in all movies. All of roles are interchangeable and meager at best.
No wonder Brad Pitt strayed. He got bored with Jennifer Aniston.
by Urban Nomad February 17, 2011
A completely overrated celebrity both in terms of looks and acting ability (or lack thereof).

For some reason, the media has dubbed her to be a beauty queen when she's far from it. She looks like a lollipop to begin with - a HUGE head on top of a skeletal body. She has a big nose, a huge jutting jaw, and thin lips. Her facial features don't match up, and are downright ugly. Thank god her hair saves her, but only somewhat.

In terms of acting, she'll be remembered as playing a fashionable airhead for 10 years. Her filmography is an absolute joke as the roles she chooses have zero depth, emotion, vulnerability or she resorts back to being 'Rachel' which is the only thing she knows to do.

She's more famous for being married to Brad Pitt (another ugly overrated actor) and having great hair than she is being a good actress.
I seriously think people need their eyes examined if they think she's gorgeous. She's dog ugly!!
by ps March 21, 2005
Actress who will most likely be remembered for her role on 'Friends' as Rachel. She is one of the most physically overrated individuals in Hollywood as she is not nearly as beautiful as people make her out to be. Also an overrated actress.
TV Viewer #1: Dude did you see Jennifer Aniston on TV? I wanna hit that.

TV Viewer #2: Fool! Get off the band wagon shes astoundingly overrated. Wouldn't you much rather enjoy a nice piece of Courtney Cox instead?
by k black February 2, 2005