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The name "Marian" is translated from the old Irish language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so! A quiet, sensitive girl. Loves animals. Not selfish and thinks of others constantly. A girl who is able to make you think that the last day you spent together was the best day of your life only to prove you wrong the next time you see her. She is beautiful, smart, honest and doesnt take shit from anyone. Loves bracelets, unusual people, oldies music, and they all have Jay-Lo butts. She is the most sexy, traffic stopping, goddess/angel in the universe if you happen to be lucky enough to ever meet one you will know what I mean. She is patent, understanding and knows how to do anything better than anyone so don't even think about trying to do it yourself. She can even cook, and sew your shorts if the button falls off. They have the best style and grace of any other people in the world (you know like Audrey Hepburn). They are all around perfect.
Guy 1: Yo whats that hot new dance son?!?

Guy 2: You know its called the Marian!!
by rj2763 June 27, 2011

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