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Kind of like Breaking the Ice, but in a much more violent manner.

When you see someone, and instead of going up to them for a nice and simple meet and greet, you dig into their social media profiles, get their papers from the court, and stalk him in his everyday life.
"Tomorrow, I'm gonna Smash the Ice with Ryan."

"Jenny is totally trying to Smash the Ice with Jake."

"Yesterday, I saw Veronica at the mall, I decided to Smash the Ice with her."
by risingSKY February 17, 2015
Mainly females, 9-12. They religiously believe that they are a teenager, although they are under the age of 13 (which is the true beginning of teenagerism) This is a confusing time, as they try many things and do many things.

Such as, they try to level up from small makeup things from Claire's to shopping at Sephora. They try to go to Hollister or Fitch instead of Justice or GAP. They try to level up from a plastic phone to an iPhone 6. Basically, they try to become a teen by visualizing their own stereotype of a teen.

Saying that, they do mess up in some areas by becoming drama queens, gossiping, even going as far as judging and bullying others who maybe don't do or have as much as them. The more mature ones, preteens, are fine. They stay casual, don't really fit in anywhere, don't gossip or judge, and maybe just calmly talking to someone or playing video games with a group of friends. They are kind of the odd ones, but the cools. (like me)

Tween 1: OmG, I SrSlY nEeD 2 gO 2 HoT tOpIc!!!!!!1111oneone
Tween 2: Y?
Tween 1: BeCuZ i Am Soooo EmO! I lUv 1d! tHeY r RoCk, r8?
Tween: ToTz.
Tween: YeAh, I HaVeN't eAtEn mY gUmMies 4 lyk DAYS!


Preteen 1: Hey, what did you get on your math test?
Preteen 2: I flunked, why?
Preteen 1: I got an A. Maybe I could help you study?
Preteen 2: Sure! When, though?
Preteen 1: After soccer practice tomorrow. How about that?
Preteen 2: Sure!

by risingSKY January 20, 2015
Obsessive Instagram Disorder.

Mainly applies to girls, around ages 10-16. They post pictures too frequently, and those pictures actually would have no sense.
I knew Jenna had OID when she posted all those pictures of her in that bikini on the internet.
by risingSKY December 12, 2014