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A Narcissist is usually a male, though some women have this disorder as well. A narcissist was once abused at a very young age possibly to the point of PTSD so they're cut off from their core. They have no feelings other than focusing on only themselves and rage/anger, they don't feel things others do like guilt, shame, empathy and love. They live in a world of illusions.

So they seek out people to fill this void by using and abusing others for satisfaction. Their luciferian acts of pain inflicted on those that actually care about them, will eventually leave them old, alone uncared for and unloved because they never loved or cared about anyone but themselves.
That narcissistic person is so obsessed with him/herself that he/she has fantasies about being rich, or famous and cosmetic surgery to look "perfect". as well as bedding as many people as possible to feed their fragile ego.
by ringaroundtherosies September 03, 2012

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