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The act of having the worst possible luck in the world in a day by day state.
I have been wenger'd (wengerism) since the sack.
by rickyroscoe June 11, 2009

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Refering to someone who creates elaborate scenarios on already ridiculous stories, possibly to gain attention. Also, likes to be heard and may try to dominate a conversation by raising his/her voice above all others.
Person 1: Hey did you see that girl over there?

Person 2: Ya dood, you should go hit that shit.

Person 3 (perri-er): Ya you should, but then what if she is a cross-dresser and is in need of a wiener and when she sees your grabs it and rips it of and then you have to chase her to try and get it back but she gets to the hospital befor you can catch her and has it attatched to herself? What would you do? Would you try to find another wiener or just become a girl?!?!?

Person 1 & 2: really?
by rickyroscoe June 11, 2009

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