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A Pierce Birkhiem is the type of guy who doesn’t even come close to reaching 6’0, loves Lil Peep, does any drug he hears in rap music, and is a virgin.
Guy 1: See that virgin over there with pink hair?
Guy 2: Oh yeah, that guy must be Pierce Birkhiem, he looks like Lil Peep’s long lost brother..
by rickdickles February 4, 2019
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The Rockstar is an oral sex move, used by only the realest of the rockstars, first, you make a rock n roll handsign with your hand, then you insert your pointer finger in the females pussy, as you are doing this, insert your pinky finger into the female’s butthole, and rockstar the fuck out of your female to the beat of Post Malone’s hit “Rockstar.”
Girl 1: I wanna try something dirty tonight..
Guy 1: Lets try The Rockstar!
Girl 1: OMG, I love that move, you made me cum 5 times last time!
by rickdickles February 7, 2019
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