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Picking up an 18-20 year old girl off the street and offering her several hundred dollars for a quick photoshoot. You will then take her back to your apartment where you have her get on her knees in a kiddie pool and put on a zorro mask (not the hat, mind you, just the mask). She will then proceed to pour bottle after bottle of brand name raspberry jelly on her head while 4 men (all named Hans) stand around the pool on matching wooden stools wearing Guy Fawkes (V for Vendetta) masks and pee on her head. Music is optional, but if it is used, it must be provided by either a live opera singer or a loud set of speakers playing "It wasn't me" by Shaggy (recommended). There have been whispers of a double dare method in which an additional man of hispanic descent is strapped to a chair in front of the pool with his eyelids held open Clockwork Orange style for the duration of the session but these are simply rumors as such a thing has never been attempted. Best performed while wearing Riddick style goggles.
Rick: Dude! check it out! I just put up this definition for the German Butterfly Bounceback on urbandictionary!
Steve: *reads* Dude...what the fuck is wrong with you?
by rick_astley January 26, 2014
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to speak to some one in a derrogatory manner would make them feel like a skeet monger due to insults.

in other words, make you feel like shit because they diss you nahh mean??
example of a white person being derrogatory: "your sweater is rather attrocious"

an example of the black person being derrogatory: "yo momma is sooo fat, she jumped in the air and got stuck"
by rick_astley July 26, 2008
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