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A Spirit ; One connected God, to higher levels and realms, things not of this world or man!.. some onewho feels and can foretell things before they happen.

One Important thing Is A spirit really doesn't like to
be fucked with!!.. But a Spirit Can be very loyal,trust worthy, loving and kind.

Yes, a spirit can be very helpful and blessing to the end if you prove worthy! But although a spirit can also be visa versa as well!.. Being Mean, cold hearted and brutal!...

And the worst part is YOU WONT EVEN SEE IT COMING! Yes, a spirit will do anything for the one's who treats it

with love, righteousness truth & Respect!

But If you anger or Hurt a Spirit..it will be the worst

thing you ever did!..Even if it's not intentional..

Yes a Spirit has a strong trust and Love .. But if it's ever broken, hurt or feel as if it's kindness has been taken for weakness... you will reep what you sow surely!!! But It may be forgiving..in certaincircumstances.. although will never forget all the wrongs you done. It will take a long time 4 it to ever trust and love again!.. because it's passion is LOVE & TRUST and all it really wants to
know..and the only option it does know!..
by richard travedent February 4, 2010
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