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the living hell that people ages 11-14 go through. the cliques are all gay. if you don't like whatever the mainstream station plays, you're weird. one small screwup will fuck you up for the rest of the year. gym is a class where the jocks get a chance to beat on everyone else and call it dodgeball. if you want to be different you'll be a loser or a nerd. if you try to be a prep, you're a poser or a loser or nerd. all the girls watch mtv and talk about it like its the shit. you get cut down on every accident you make. it sucks. try to pass the first time around. take up a sport or play an instrument, it'll help you take your mind off all the shit. drama happens all the time. girls are sluts, guys are dicks and pervs. most days you'll want to cry when you get home. it sucks.
kid in 5th grade: sweet, middle school.
kid in seventh grade: middle school sucks.

prep girl one: did you guys see the hills last night?
prep girl two: omg yes! i love that show!

normal person: fags.
by rhcpforlive June 22, 2009
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