2 definitions by resindawg

1. Popular morning tv program on the NC network.
2. Medium for lower-middle-class dorks to wave stupid cardboard signs and wave like fuckwits while that fat black weatherguy ignores them politely.
3. How Satan enters the groins of children.
I can actually hear my brain cells humming the NBC Today theme music as they die.
by resindawg June 26, 2003
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1. One who religiously follows the life and work of Martha Stewart, except for the stint in prison insider trading.
2. Derogatory term for lower-class teenage girl destined to get married, have children and abandon any hope of a career.
I dun' know 'bout this Particle Physics thang, Lurlene, all I know's is you drop those booksmarts 'n' y'all'd make a purty fine Jenny Homemaker some day, y'hear?
by resindawg June 30, 2003
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