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Great place with great: public transit, food, people, weather, police force, roads, community, schools, suburbs, sports teams, chicks, dudes, etc.

The city is commonly percieved as spread out between racial groups, but that's not really true...True, there are some sides of the city more ghetto than others but really its a pretty equal place all around, other than what I just mentioned.

It's better than NYC because people are nicer, food is better and the traffic is lighter, and it's not so much a "designer city" like NYC, if you know what I mean...No other city comes close.

Food suggestions from a Native:
pizza - Lou Malnati's, the original Uno's, *Edwardo's
hot dogs - **U Dawg U, Superdawg, Portillo's
(*in suburb of Skokie
** in suburb of Niles)

I live in Washington DC but Chicago will always be my hometown.

REPRESENT THE 773/312/847
The food in Chicago is better than the food in New York City.
The traffic in Chicago is better than the traffic in LA.
The police in Chicago is better than the police in Washington DC. And also the subway and bus setup.
by represent the 773, 312 and 847 December 14, 2004
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