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any unsightly american female, characteristics include but are not limited to: baby factory, purple/stained sweatpants w/ or w/o hooded sweatshirt or betty boop "T", rain-boots all year round, public breast feeding, foul smelling, ill tempered, can only be weighed at a tractor trailer weigh station, has stopped using make up, has given up on herself due to marriage/child birth and no longer feels the need to wear make-up/actual clothing/comb hair/shower or bathe, possible mustache, deep often raspy or nasaly pig-voice, unrational feelings of entitlement, demanding, hooved, drives Super SUV agressively in situations that dont call for agressive behavior, watches oprah+Dr. phil+dr. oz+american idol, was "once" a high scool cheerleader, has "used up" look, is hateful and bitchy at all times, entire wardrobe advertises child/husbands high school...because that still matters, extensive moo-moo collection, fully stocked pizza purse, food in every orifice, carries twinkie reserve, allows dog/pet to deficate at will indoors and out with out clean-up. pushes "poly-stroller" of screaming terror offspring through all public places, refuses to reprimand or parent destructive hell spawn children, farts and burps remorselesly in public, cellulite cellulite cellulite, uses husband as wallet without providing adequate compensation visually/emotionaly. and many more
hey dude i got stuck at work because this shaved ape would not stop bitching and whining about our return policy!

this shaved ape let her swine children run loose and destroy my store!
by rent-a-pig April 03, 2011

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