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latino term for members of the same group; gang
if you try disrespectin me,puto, u better be ready to take on my whole clika
by reina March 17, 2004
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Really cute and decorative girl underwear, but poorly made so dont last very long. Mainly purchased as gifts for special occasions, like birthdays holidays.
Victorias secret has great confection panty.
by reina February 14, 2005
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Sexual practices that many people view as wild, unusual, or extreme. Definitions of this word vary from person to person; someone might think wearing a red bra is kinky, or having sex with the lights on, but someone else will classify kinky as being suspended from the ceiling, whipped, and gagged.

Guys are often surprised to discover that quiet girls are the kinkiest. But they're only quiet because they're imagining having lots of kinky sex.
I went out with this librarian the other night, and I thought she'd be prude, but at the end of the night she let me tie her up and spank her. She was nice and kinky.
by reina July 26, 2006
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