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A Dirty Douche Dog is when a frozen hot dog is inserted into the anus. The hot dog is left inside the anus untill it is warmed up, then pooped into a bun so it is hot and ready to eat.
I gave Wanda a dirty douche dog lastnight.
by redeyejedi2009 February 15, 2010

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When a female dog or cat is in heat or attracted to a male they will turn the tail to the side, showing the genitals as a gesture to show they are interested sexually. Men will use this term with other men when they notice a woman checking them out or being slutty.
"Hey man, that chick over there is totally sidetailing"
by redeyejedi2009 July 24, 2009

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A slang term for a homosexual male. Sliding dicks in asses and mouths.
buddy over there is totally a "slider"
by redeyejedi2009 August 12, 2009

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