3 definitions by rectalreloader

The action of sticking pins and needles into one's penis while erect and then receiving fellatio (using one's blood as lubricant) as to imitate the award-winning motion picture "Hellraiser". Next, once approaching the peak of orgasmic ejaculation he or them who receives the oral pleasure will exclaim "I AM PINHEAD, the prodigal son!"
My girl gave me the sickest pinjob last night.

I was pissing in all directions after that pinjob last night.
by rectalreloader September 07, 2018
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The rule that states if a guy is in and out of a girl's vagina (and finishes) while having sex in five seconds or less, it doesn't count toward his body count.
These girls should call me the delivery guy with how often I enforce the five second rule.
by rectalreloader September 07, 2018
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Those participating in a fraternity initiation weekend must go unnoticed all night long while successfully ejaculating on fifteen unsuspecting freshman. Parameters are that all ejaculations must go on within the frat house within a 48 hour span. The penalty for being caught is getting a lapdance from a transvestite stripper until it results in ejaculation.
Ayy brodie you going to Beta house tonight? I heard Brad is attempting the fleshman fifteen tonight?
by rectalreloader September 07, 2018
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