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A term Australians use to describe people from England.

Also a term used by Australians to describe lonely friendless people.
Clarkson: It is just Bruce in a Bruce-mobile
Steve: And look at Nigel o'er there
Clarkson: Can we stand back..because..this is.. I'm afraid going to be..
Steve: A bloodbath
May: It is
Clarkson: A bloodbath..exactly
by realradoncombe October 28, 2021
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Your mate's van which is actually just a Jaguar XJ220 with a Transit body.
Steve: That is not a van

Jeremy: It is a van, I'll show you. It even managed to beat you while carrying an engine.
Steve: It says Jaguar. And it's turbocharged!
Jeremy: Actually what...it is, it's a Jaguar XJ220 in Ford Transit
by realradoncombe October 28, 2021
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