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To all the morons on here and the pretentious Westchester County residents that don't want to be lumped into the upstate category: go kill yourselves. First of all, anything north of the New York City, not its suburbs, but New York City is considered upstate New York.

Second, I don't know why everybody thinks that people who live in Manhattan are so special. People who live in Manhattan are not even real New Yorkers, they are transplants from the mid-west or other lame regions of the country. The real tough New Yorkers with the famous attitude that we all get stereo-typed as live outside Manhattan in boroughs like Brooklyn and the Bronx. Outer Boroughs, here's a news flash: you have nothing in common with the rich elitists who live in the city. No one cares about who you are or your slummy neighorhood. New York gets all the lime light because of Broadway, 42nd Street, Wall Street,the Upper East Side, etc. No one thinks that Queens is where its at, so quit being such arrogant bitches about being from New York City, cause you're really not. Newark and Hoboken are as NY as you. Your crummy boroughs were incorporated into greater metro NY to expand the political power of the city. You and your stupid borough are not important.
Upstate NY is a term that does no good because it does not precisely define a specific area, instead it lumps an entire region north of NYC together. In reality not all part of upstate New York share the same cultural, political, or social characteristics. As proof spend one weekend in Buffalo, and then travel all the way across the state to Albany. Then head all the way up to Plattsburg. Each of those areas are different from the rest. Upstate NY is more of a generic term that covers a broad range of geographic subjects.
Upstate New York=Syracuse, Utica, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Yonkers, Westchester County, Hudson Valley, Thousand Islands.

NYC=5 boroughs

Long Island=Nassau and Suffolk Counties
by read through bullshit May 07, 2009

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