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A Polish copy of Facebook, with exception that it is focused on finding forgotten classmates. One of the reasons Nasza-Klasa is so popular, is that Poles can show off to other people with their cool pictures, since they love to talk about each other's business.
~1 million Polaks already have a nasza-klasa profile. Number of users increases by 8000 every day.
Did you see her pictures on nasza-klasa? she's such a whore.
Dude, did you see his pictures on nasza-klasa? lol, he thinks he's cool, idiot.
by rc89pl July 05, 2008
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Too Many Doors. Usually describes cars with more doors than 2 or 3. Most likely it is a family car with two front doors, two rear and the hatchback.
Hey, nice TMD Saab.
Thanks, I have kids so I need 5 doors.
by rc89pl April 19, 2009
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