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A response to someone who is constantly criticizing or trying to tell you that you are doing something wrong, saying it wrong, or just finding fault in a condescending way. This person is usually a douche bag who talks shit, starts shit, can't finish their own shit, and yet wants to get all in your shit.

Synonyms: get off my jock, hop off my sattle, get off my bumper, get off my grill
Me: I really like that new song. I think I am going to download it on my ipod.

DB: That band is so passe, you are wasting your time listening to that crap. You would be better off throwing money in the street than downloading it. But you do what you want. That song will go with all the other ratty music you have on that ipod. You should just put your music on your smart phone anyway.

Me: Dude, get off my shit!
by raven2006 October 09, 2010

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