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1. A repair that is very ugly and or is likely to fail a week or two after the repair is made.

2. To modify something in a way to defy authority or the law. Such as "fixing" a cable box to get free premium channels, jail braking an iPhone or a sawing-off a shotgun.

3. A politically correct way to say nigger-rig.
When my computer power supply quit, I need to order a new one on-line. Until it came in, I was able to fucktciously-rid my computer with another power supply that was too large to fit inside the computer case.

He was so audacious the way if fucking rigged that shit up with duck tape. It was truly fucktciously-rigged
by ratnard July 10, 2013
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Going under a bridge to take a shit.

Based on the fairytale troll that lives under a bridge, has nothing to do with Internet trolling. If you find a lump of excrement under a bridge that looks human sized it must have been a troll that left it.
Guy 1: Why was Tom's car in the side of the country road, next to that bridge?

Guy 2: Tom was probably taking a troll dump.
by ratnard July 24, 2012
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