4 definitions by raslafor

To diculous again
I thought I would diculous once, but I had to rediculous to get it right
by raslafor October 30, 2007
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A small party of three to ten people taking place in a moving or stationary vehicle, usually involving large amounts of drugs and alcohol.
The five of us were bored with no place to go, so we had a carty in Ted's Explorer.
by raslafor November 13, 2006
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A clone of a cyclops
Oh no, that cyclops has a cyclone! I thought one was enough!
by raslafor June 21, 2007
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The tasteless act of abruptly stopping good music mid-song

It can be avoided by gradually fading the volume
Be sure to avoid the hard cut when you're changing the tunes
by raslafor October 16, 2009
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