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A small state school in Virginia chosen by students who are too smart for JMU and Tech, but not quite preppy enough (or tool-ish enough, depending on your point of view) for UVA. W&M has a bad reputation for being strict and lacking good parties. It's true that the academics are sometimes intense, that Williamsburg isn't a college town, and that the frats are located on-campus because of a city ordinance. But with over 5000 college students living here, not to mention grad students, it's definitely easy to get alcohol or weed and to find good parties every weekend... it's college, there's always something to do. People who complain about the academics are just bitter because they thought they were the shit in high school, got rejected at the Ivys, and can't believe that W&M is telling them they aren't as smart as they think. People who complain that there's nothing to do on the weekends should transfer to UVA, where they can be snotballs without feeling bitter and out of place.
Hey everybody, quit bitching about William and Mary!! You chose to come here and you can choose to transfer.
by raney888 January 28, 2006

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