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1. A nigger and a beaner.
2. Someone who you can't decipher. Are they a nigger or a beaner?
diane "That chick on scrubs who just licked her lips looks like a nigger."

caleb "No, she looks beaner."

diane "She's a nigbean"

caleb "what a gem."
by Ralph P. Nis November 01, 2006

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1,the new term for the use of gunt as an insult.
2,a name. for like a turtle/turt.
1,that guy is such a gurt.
2, gurt the turt.

by ralph p. nis October 02, 2006

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The male version of a gunt. A gut that extends over the penis, sometimes even connected to the penis region, if one is extremely obese.
chelsea may have a gunt, but that ryder sure has a put.
by ralph p. nis October 06, 2006

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