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TTUN stands for "That Team Up North". The phrase was used by Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes to refer to archrival Michigan. Similarly, TSUN stands for "That State Up North" or "That School Up North". Ostensibly, Woody hated the Wolverines so much that he could not bring himself to say their name. Today, the acronym is similarly used online by Ohio State fans.
I hate TTUN so goddamn much
by rahrahfuck November 11, 2016
A bowl consisting mainly of tobacco, topped off with a small amount of weed. To hit a poppy you cash the whole bowl in a bong and hit it all at once. The resulting headrush is magnificent.

A poppy that consists solely of tobacco is known as a sloppy.
You wanna head upstairs and hit a poppy with me?
by rahrahfuck October 25, 2015