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Poop de grace pronounced /pu day gras/ (properly spelled "poop de grâce") is related to the French phrase "coup de grâce." While "coup de grâce" means "blow of mercy," "poop de grâce" means "poop of mercy." This comes about after eating skanky fast food, most notably Krystals or Taco Bell, where the grease accumulation in the affected person's bowels creates a "perfect storm" of indigestible foreign matter, well-lubricated intestines, and a lack of time to process the poisons put into one's body. The result is a nearly immediate post-consumption shit that proves that one's enjoyment of such eating establishments is a crime against God and man; the pain alone should make repeat practitioners consider themselves as recreating a perverse, modern form of self-flagellation. However, true to its name, the poop de grâce, once completed, offers relief that reaffirms faith in a Higher Order.
"Not ten seconds passed since he let the sixth krystal with cheese slip past his lips before the immediate and painful stabs of an incoming poop de grace were felt..."

"The chili cheese fry had taken its toll; that porcelain throne was never quite the same after Joe had taken his poop de grâce."
by ragtagop September 13, 2007

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Fratfag has various definitions depending on usage:

<i>n.</i>: Self-explanatory; it's a fraternity member who is gay (yes, they exist).

<i>adj.</i>: The (usually unintentional) melding of fraternity culture with something blatantly homosexual.
The sentence, "Dude, you're like, electric on the dance floor," could be an example of fratfag speech: the patois of fraternity speech makes any possible innuendo blatantly obvious to the listener. Note that delivery and dialect play a role; it's the equivalent of a sibilant lisp. Also to be noticed is that fratfag activities (sometimes called fratfaggery) increases exponentially with BAC percentages.

"Mike is a total fratfag; the Kappa Taus are cool with it as long as he doesn't make grossed-out faces during the coed volleyball game."

"Nah man, I didn't mean I 'love' you in a fratfag way."
by RagtagOp November 11, 2007

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