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Literally, the acronym stands for "Bu Guai Bad Kid", a phrase used to describe a very badly misbehaving child, or, by extension, someone who has jokingly wronged you.
The first two words are pinyin versions of the Chinese for "misbehaving", which, along with the "bad kid" half of the phrase, expresses the extreme misbehavior of said person.
Dude, that guy has owed me lunch for almost a year now. What a freaking BGBK.
by r4wr89 December 06, 2010

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Pronounced "g-why"; a colloquial Chinese adjective used most often by parents as a statement of their child's good behavior. Also commonly used in English conversation to describe responsible or respectable behavior among friends, or as an informal term for praise.
Me: Dude, I killed that essay. Worked all night without touching Facebook paid off: I got pretty much full score!
Joe: NICE. So guai!
by r4wr89 June 29, 2011

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An adjective describing a particular affinity for Indian culture, or a recognized attraction to people of Indian heritage. Alternatively, a word to describe an extreme attraction to someone, or simply a profound love of curry.

Derived from the Flight of the Conchords song, "She's So Hot - Boom", in which main character Bret McKenzie describes his love interest as "so hot she's like a curry".
I just watched every single episode of Royal Pains in one sitting to see Reshma Shetty. She's got me incurably curryazy.
by r4wr89 May 16, 2011

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Hot from certain angles: to find a person attractive from certain angles, but only in those angles.

A close relative of HFFA, hot from far away.
I mean from the side that actress was kinda cute, but wow, get right in front and you're in for an...interesting surprise. Talk about HFCA!
by r4wr89 December 28, 2011

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Hot From Every Angle.

A cousin of the slang popularized by the TV show Scrubs, "HFFA" as well as "HFCA", Hot From Far Away and Hot From Certain Angles, respectively.

Used to describe incredibly attractive people who are not only attractive from far away and from close up, they are attractive from every visible angle (and perhaps some invisible as well).
I know this goes without saying, but...DANG if Kevin isn't HFEA! Brotha is FINE!
by r4wr89 January 01, 2012

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Short form of "too legit to quit", the phrase popularized by MC Hammer.

Used as a stronger substitute for legit, to show that something is beyond simply being legit or legitimate.
1: Dude, did you check out the new Macklemore album?
2: YES. That's a great CD. So lequitimate.
by r4wr89 October 19, 2012

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Used to describe anyone, anything, or any event grounded in the true spirit of YOLO. It can also be used negatively to describe carelessness or extreme disregard.

Based off the common term YOLO, as coined by Drake and popularized by American youth culture.
A: Dude, just treat yourself. It's expensive and useless, but remember, it's JUST MONEY!
B: Thank you man, that is some truly yolotastic advice.
by r4wr89 March 22, 2013

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