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The act of massaging or caressing a man's prostate to the point of ejaculation. Done in a purely sexual manner.

Contrary to popular belief this provides no known medical benefit, and has no known medically proven effect on preventing prostate cancer.
They gave me such a prostate milking that I couldn't get hard the rest of the day.
by pvgirl93 April 21, 2020
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Wartenberg Pinwheels, Wartenberg Neurowheel, Wartenberg wheel where created as medical instruments designed to test neurological sensation function. However, their medical usage has fallen out of fashion due to hygiene concerns.

They are made out of stainless steel and have evenly spaced radiating pins.
There usage today is primarily seen as a sensation sex toy and in the BDSM community.
Mary squirms in esctasy when I roll a Wartenberg Pinwheel across her hard nipples
by pvgirl93 April 21, 2020
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