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A drill one can undergo with their pre-teen daughter to prepare for the onset of menses.
I thought my daughter was having her period, so we did a period drill. Turns out she wasn't, but now we know exactly what to do.
by productman July 17, 2016
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Based on the sexual notion of coitus interruptus (also known as the pull-out method of birth control), codus interruptus refers to the means of interrupting a computer programmer (aka a coder) that results in their losing focus on the task at hand. This loss of focus can be a giant time suck as a coder can take 15 to 30 minutes to get back up to speed.

Common codus interrupti are incoming text messages, new email alerts, and project managers stopping by to ask questions.

Codus interrupti generally arrive with some kind of auditory alert that can range from a sound effect (such as a "ding") to the seemingly innocuous question, "Hey, do you have a few seconds to answer a quick question?"
Kevin: "Jane, why the hell aren't you done with that program yet?!"

Jane: "I was right in the middle of debugging the final code when Andrew, the codus interruptus that he is, stopped by to ask me a question. By the time he asked me if I had time to be interrupted, it was too late; my morning was shot."

Kevin: "Ugh, I can't stand codus interruptus; it’s my wife’s go-to every night!"

Jane: "Uh, Kevin, I think you mean coitus interruptus."

Kevin: "Oh, right! Well, good luck finishing the program at this pace. I'll talk to Andrew."
by productman February 11, 2015
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