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First off you will not get shot in franlin square its a nice, sheltered place. It's upper middle class and those of you who chose to insult it for its disturbingly high guido population are probabley just trying to make your self feel better because you wished you lived here. There are nicer parts in the North by the Stewart Manor, Garden City border and less expensive parts closer to the elementary school, Washington Street. There are absolutely no bad parts or ghettos. It's a nice expensive town where the majority of citizens are Italian. However, just because someone is Italian and drives a Mercedes does not mean they are in the Mofia...and even if tghey were we'd drop it and leave it alone because do you really want the mafia on your ass?
Guy from outside the square: Where do you live?
Girl from Franklin Square: The squaree babayy
Guy: Guitosss
Girl: whateverrr...I'm used to hearing that.
by priveleged June 27, 2009
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Is it just me or are all RVC girls bitches? and they ain't so hot looking themselves. The best part is that they think they're tough.
That bitch is ugly. She's also a spoiled princess. She must be from Rockville Center.
by priveleged June 27, 2009
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