She is a unique person just like her name. She’s an amazing girlfriend and she try’s her best to become a better person day by day. Keiree is so beautiful and she deserves more than what this world has to offer. She got a luh something something back there and by “back there” I mean her booty ! Little booties matter too you know! If you’re a Keiree and you’re reading this just know yous a bad ASS bitch :)
“Do you know Keiree? She’s so beautiful.”
“Keiree is kinda mean.”
“Keirees a bitch sometimes but I fucks with her.”
by Princesa December 7, 2018
She is a wonderful person,she try’s to keep away from the drama ,she is loyal to friends ,family and more. She is a freak.. she got a lil booty
You are soo sweet,u are such a keiree
by Keke 😇 August 17, 2019