2 definitions by pr maven

when co-worker overshares about all their enjoyable, fun, adventurous escapades while on vacation, while you are stuck at work, dreaming of you, yourself one day leaving the office to go on vacation.
Todd: If you could get that email out by 9 a.m., that would be great. By the way, I’m on a boat right now watching killer whales! So exciting, right?!!

Nicole: Sure, Todd. Sounds great. Sure wish I could stop vicariously vacationing through you and go to Fiji!
by pr maven August 17, 2010
Response from office worker after manager has explained a simple procedure for the 8th time, the last time using graphic displays out of desperation because said worker must be mentally incapacitated to have not understood what was required on the first try.
(upon 8th explanation of simple procedure)
Anita (employee): Thanks for clarifying
Michelle (boss) : Oy. The dreaded "thank you for clarifying," defined as explaining something for the 100th time when you should have understood it the first time. How do you even get yourself dressed in the morning? (and then out loud I said: You're welcome. )
by pr maven August 4, 2010