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Whogina is a mixture between Whore and Vagina. Typically used as an insult but also common to use toward your close friends. Very offensive to girls, but the perfect word to describe a mega slutty bitch.
Guy 1: Dude, Lauren slept with 4 guys this weekend and all of them had girlfriends- who she's friends with.
Guy 2: God Lauren is such a whogina!!!

Girl Best friend 1: Hey slut!
Girl best friend 2: Hey Whogina!
by portmanteauer August 21, 2011
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Another word for retard or tard. First used when accidentaly misspelling tard over instant messaging but now used as a replacement for the word. Anyone who is called a trad can be though of as a retard's retard.
Guy: Nice Job getting us in detention for trying to sneak into the Science teacher's test cabinet.. trad!


Guy: I invited Matt over but he said he had to "study". What a trad!
by portmanteauer August 21, 2011
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