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The best rapper in G-Unit, and currently one of the best rappers in the game. He should ditch G-Unit because of his lyrical skill, but what can he do? 50 helped Banks become big, and can never repay him, so leaving G-Unit is out of the question.
Lloyd Banks has flawless flow, and usually sticks to 3 syllable rhyming bars. He has been known to have long strings of multis, and puts ALOT of metaphors in songs.
He is a great lyricist. He's in my top five.
My top ten:
Lloyd Banks
Big Pun
Lloyd Banks displays his incredible multisyllabic rhyming skill with a long chain of multis in his song "Hands Up"
I cruise through the strip
22's on the whip
New rules gonna hit
Thousand dollar outfit
Never snooze never slip
Follow rules or get whip
Nigga move or get hit
I don't care who's on the strip
It ain't only the Ferrari now
the jewels got him sick
Now it's 2006 I need a new bottom miss
It's aight they can talk I'm amused by the pricks
I'm the news out the bricks nigga
who's hot as this
I bet the mansion and the swimming pool
got 'em pissed

I ain't a cuddler I fuck the drool outta chick

all multi identification done by me
lloyd banks will lyrically murk yo ass
by pmilladcs July 04, 2007

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