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Nokay is the indecisive person’s best friend. Elongating or prolonging the pronunciation of the ‘n’ provides anticipation, tantalising the other members of the conversation who are just waiting for you to refuse or pike. Be delighted by the surprise on their faces when you whack them with the punch of a chirpy ‘okay’ at the end.
Friends of bookish homebody: We’re going to a really cool party tonight, you might actually meet the love of your life there, would you like to come?

Bookish homebody: Nnnnnnnnnnnokay!
by pkittty August 3, 2005
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Usually female and sometimes bespectacled; a young woman who enjoys the company of her books. Has an intelligent, haughty, look rather than nerd.
Office worker 1: "She's alright looking, but a tad bookish"

Office worker 2: "it's the quiet ones you've got to watch"
by pkittty June 23, 2005
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