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A mixture of shit, blood, and ejaculation that dribbles from an anus for upto a day after recieving anal sex. The anus is not able to contain it's fluids so will leak until the shlepola is either gone, or the anus tightens before that. The speed at which the anus tightens is greatly effected by the circumfrence of the penis.

Shlepola can be identified by as a dark brown-red snail trail figure down somebodies pant leg, starting close to the anus. It is also common to be able to smell the shlepola when close enough to the source.

If you are able to collect an ounce of your shlepola and have either you or your partner injest it, a small, slimy troll like creature will crawl out within the week and give you a half hour of any sexual favors you or your partner ask.
My shlepola leakage was so intense that i had to resort to jamming 20 cottonballs in my anus and was only able to retrieve 15.
by pissfacehamsterlicker December 06, 2011
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