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"What, you think a few ferns and some bad house music makes this place any less atmovac?"
by piratehead March 31, 2006
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When diaspora Jews celebrate Christmas by omitting all references to baby Jesus, etc., leaving only the fun pagan stuff: trees, presents, songs, TV specials, egg nog, etc....

Q: "Hey Seth, why does your family have a Christmas tree? You're so assimilated!"

A: "Back off, Ari. It's Judeo-Christmas. We had Chanukah too. Don't be all super-Jew with me."
by piratehead December 21, 2006
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(n) (used in Florida, possibly elsewhere in the US). Police officers who patrol on bicycles. So-called because they are presumably in better shape than their car-cruising brethren.

"Hide the piece, man, sizzlean's comin' down the street."

"It's hard to take sizzlean seriously when they're wearing those shorts."
by piratehead February 03, 2007
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