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Ur mum is a common insult used for no apparent reason. This also references to Yo Mama jokes. This humor is weird and sometimes unlikable.
Ur mum is fat.
by pigjacob June 27, 2018
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Originally called Incipio, Paigan is a group of musicians, singers, or just people who like to work together. It is made by a unknown source, and is a very clever group. Paigan is joinable, joining it results in a new way to sing. It is a beautifully made thing, and you may not find it easily. You must go to the source who created it, ask, then join. It is a band, that is fun and enjoyable.
"Dude, did you hear about the group called Paigan? I heard it is sick, bro!".
by pigjacob November 6, 2018
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