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A portmanteau word combining "Paul" and "bot" used as a moniker for avid followers of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Supporters who act in a habitual, drone-like nature via constant domination of internet forums, polls or even real-life events (due to their overwhelming support for the candidate) are often subjected to the term.
1. "Did you see the Paulbots own that internet poll?"

2. "Look at all the Paulbots rallying downtown! Let's join 'em!"
by phurtive January 4, 2012
1. a type of respect earned for doing something –or being in a situation– that is perceived as particularly challenging because it falls outside of situational or social norms and is done out of necessity, not desire.

2. uttering "mad respect" after witnessing or hearing about a situation as described above.
1. That dude drives a PT Cruiser? Mad respect.

2. GIRL1: Gurrrl, imma tell you, a cockroach crawl up her pants during the speech an she did the whole speech not a flinch. GIRL2: Maaaad respect, gurl.

3. Dawg, you been livin in your car for the past 2 years? Mad respect, homie, mad respect.
by phurtive March 7, 2021
A phrase stated after something/someone has been easily fooled or lured in. It has its roots in fishing lingo, referring to a fish having fallen for the bait easily; swallowing the hook, the fishing line, and the sinker along with it.
I jus' put out a sign this mornin' readin', 'BABY HOGGS 4 SALE CHEEP. CAWT WILD YESTIDDY'. Boy, I ain't neva' seen so many folks come runnin' to the ranch! Leetle did they know I breed them hawgs muhself. Tee hee! Hook, line and sinker! Haw haw!
by phurtive July 1, 2011