2 definitions by phrawzty

1. noun "puddle": A group of ravers, strung out on ecstasy, all piled on top of each other.

2. verb "puddling": To engage in a puddle.

3. adjective "puddled": Being thoroughly and totally absorbed by the puddle.
1. n. "There are some hot raver girls in that puddle."

2. v. "We're going to do some mad puddling tonight."

3. a. "Man, you are so puddled."
by phrawzty October 14, 2002
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A loopback address; a non-routable IP address that is defined as referring to the "local" computer.

In other words, is any computer you happen to be sitting in front of right now.
Localhost is usually set to
by phrawzty January 31, 2005
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