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1. A gay action performed by males of the HHNE population in which one male jumps on and violently attacks another male.

2. When a female flirts to the point where the guy's balls are the size of moons hanging so low the male is forced to bend over to balance the weight. This is usually done because the female is drawn towards the "image" or fantasy of hooking up with a guy but doesn't actually want to, since she is a total prude queer.
1. "Yo did you see what Akiva Mendel did to Ari Yakov? "
"No, what did he do?"
"He totally HHNE humped him into oblivion!"
"What?!!?! Such a faggot!"
2. "Chana Mushka is such a bitch duudde"
"No way, what did she do this time"
"She was rubbing my gonads and just wouldn't do anything"
"Why would she do that, such a bitch, HHNE humping and shit"
"Damn straight"
by phoenixkidgabe December 30, 2013

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