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A brand of ravioli that was created with a lot of drama,comedy and serious rejection by the heavy metal scene,in an epic Facebook event invite boycotting a club in Ann Arbor Mi,that event has now reached all four corners of the world now.
This brand of ravioli was used in place of fake blood by someone who thought that they had the greatest metal band around and boasted that they want to open up for Cradle Of Filth,not happening.An online pic of some very gross smut has also surfaced along with this event.

So every time you open up a can of ravioli,remember its not to used as fake blood its food for thought.

Can also be found on 4-Chan
I got an invite on facebook to boycott a club Ive never been too by some moron who goes by the name of Jon Slaughter,and I swear the guy looks like he bathed in feces and ravioli.I call that "Slaughtered Ravioli"
by peasenoff smells January 17, 2013

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Facebook slander is when someone mainly a fake friend deletes or blocks you and then spreads false accusations and rumors trying to get others against you,usually only cowards are guilty of this and usually get their asses beaten to a pulp in the end
So you like to Facebook slander others because you think its cool and you're a coward because you wouldn't say it to their face.
by peasenoff smells July 29, 2020

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Someone who you know in person that only chats with you on social media but will deliberately ignore you in real life
I thought Joe was a really cool person to chat with online but when I saw him in a bar he ignored me and was a blowoff the whole entire night
by peasenoff smells September 29, 2018

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