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some broke asshole who never gets their own shit and just leeches like a bitch ass. prime example is tom orbison god damn that kid is mark ass.
kid: hey man let me get some of dat sammich
kid 2: go fuck urself you god damn scavenger, this is my shit. get ur own god damn sammich u broke asshole.
by peach butter fire April 11, 2005
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someone who partakes exclusively in something that is beyond busted, such as scavenging leslies back or just straight up being the dub. see tom orbison for more info
*the wreck mongs on leslies back while jacking off all over himself and eating a sammich hands-free style*
kid 1: damn that fuckin kids a monger
kid 2: you got that right, i heard that maggot eats 40 grand calories a day
wreck: what? who told u that... LIE
by peach butter fire April 12, 2005
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