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the stuff teachers give kids to torture them and take away from important after school things like sports, sleeping, TV, and friends
Jack: Dude, you look totally wiped out. Where were you yesterday?
Alex: Mr. O gave out a 10 page history paper for homework, so I couldn't go to the movies
Jack: Why would he do that?
Alex: Teachers have no soul
by password January 21, 2008
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a play written by John Cosper about an unpopular boy commiting suicide. The boy, Adam Krieger, leaves his suicide letter in the form of a website, naming various people at his school and blaming most of them for his pain. The website inspires one student to try and change how people see each other so a tragedy like Adam's won't happen again.
There is no such person as Adam, nor is the author aware of this sort of story ever happening in real life. And no, Adam Krieger was not the inspiration for Blink 182's song "Adam's Song," or vice versa. Any resemblance between the characters, places, and events to any real people is purely coincidental.

I have no example for Adam's letter
by password January 21, 2008
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