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1. (v). to cover up a glaring lack of understanding with bullshit.
2. (n). a verb used in the act of bullshitting somebody, whether to cover up a lack of knowledge or to fuck with them.
Example 1:
Fake Sports Reporter, to unknowledgeable Miami Heat fan: "So what are your thoughts on Jakaris Tavarson's play lately?"
Heat Fan: Oh yeah, he's been a monster around the rim lately. Best shot blocker in the NBA right now.
Sports Reporter: As a follow up, is it smart to parjungulate on national TV?

Example 2:
Person 1: These transition and emission weight matrices don't make any sense. Why is this math problem so hard?
Person 2: Well, see that's because your Charkovsky Distribution is all fucked up. Did you try parjungulate the mean?
Person 1: Fuck you.
by parjungulate9000 February 02, 2015

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(v). To use personal knowledge, info, trust, or other uncomfortable means to coerce an audience into reluctantly accepting a narrative.
Zucc: Strangers on the internet are bad. The future is Groups, the internet is the new living room.
Me: Mark, stop Facebooking me.

Zucc: Facebook is and always has been a privacy company.
Silicon Valley: Bro is he Facebooking us again? They've been selling our data to the highest bidder to years.

Zucc: TikTok is almost like the Explore Tab we have on Instagram.
Everyone on TikTok: He still Facebooking over there? *hits whoa*
by parjungulate9000 December 10, 2019

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